To be honest, it has been a journey for years. Many years of personal investigation. Many years of studying and researching. Many years of travelling around the world to get in touch with different cultures. Falling in love and creating connections that will last a lifetime. I am the author of my life and be it fashion, be it lifestyle, be it general well-being… it’s just my form of communication. And that’s something I would like to share with you. Because everything I do in life I do it with passion and desire and maybe most important of all: with believe in making the world more beautiful.

“Because who doesn’t like to embrace beauty & love in all aspects of life?”

Beside the fact I am working as a fashion designer for my own High-End Lounge Fashion Label VAN WILDER and being a Creative Art Director, I do take care about health and general well-being. I do believe that everything starts with finding balance in your inner-you to succeed end get the most out of everything.

As a Lifestyle, Health & Energy Coach as well, I am proud I have launched my own ‘universe’ which I call BELFIDA and step-by-step I am working hard & intensively to share my knowledge, my experiences, my ‘personal me’ with you. It will be one of my goals to take you on a journey to get the best version of yourself – to guide & to coach you in person.

One aspect of BELFIDA is the launch of the BELFIDA ME-CANDLE COLLECTION.

A luxury skinfood ritual for daily use to feed both body & soul – all based on raw and natural ingredients. I do this because your body is your most priceless possession. You have to take care of it.

ME-CANDLE stands for: “Taking a moment for yourself and/or your beloved one!” It’s important to take at least 5 to 10 minutes a day to blow away of all the stress and find inner-peace. We all live in a hectic busy world with a lot of expectations and deadlines to deal with. Taking the time to treat yourself with a daily well-being skinfood ritual will feed body & soul and reload batteries.

BELFIDA is more than a company selling products and striving to earn money.

It’s a lifestyle! It’s a story! It’s your personal Lifestyle Coach!

Sometimes people ask me where I get my inspiration. As I said… it has been a very long journey. And ‘ME-CANDLEING’ should bring happiness in your life. But why just a candle as skinfood ritual? I was looking for something urban, something contemporary with a luxury & sensual touch. The composition & quality of the ingredients are stunning and never seen in just 1 small candle. You have to try it to believe the amazing results it has to offer. It will be totally different than an ordinary day or night cream or body lotion. You can’t compare it. Just, don’t be afraid to try it out.

I am very proud to show you the collection, but believe me it took me more than 2 years before it became concrete. Every single aspect of the production process, all the designs, all the compositions etc. are tailor-made by myself. Together with my partner, a licensed manufacturer based in Asia, I found the strength to translate my vision of skincare into reality.

BELFIDA should enlighten the beauty & vitality of life! Together with you I will go for an healthy but acceptable lifestyle which can become standard. As a Lifestyle, Health & Energy Coach I will handle all aspects: food – skincare – well-being – sport – relaxation – fashion – styling … and so much more.

Who am I? Pieter Van Wilder.

A 30+ young man, passionate about lifestyle in all his aspects.
Graduated as designer & Image Consultant. Lifestyle, Health & Energy Coach.
A lover of feel good items with a luxury approach.